If you enjoy reading dark urban fantasy novels, you really must check out Joseph Nassise’s brilliant Eyes To See (Jeremiah Hunt Chronicles Book 1). Sometimes, one has to lose what he most cherishes to be able to see how much he misses it. Sometimes, the blind see better than the sighted; sights that we ordinarily can’t see; the ghosts that walk amongst us on a daily basis. This novel is a fantastic beginning to the Jeremiah Hunt Chronicles, and though there have been many books written about the paranormal and ghost busting before now, Nassise’s (author of The Heretic)shines as being one of the best in recent memory.

The novel’s chapters alternate between ones taking place in the present, labeled “Now,” and those in the past, titled “Then.” Though Hunt has lost his eyesight, he’s done it to help him find his kidnaped daughter, Elizabeth. We learn this in the “Then” chapters. Though he loses his eyesight, when he’s in the dark, he can see, to an extent, well enough to get by with the use of a cane. And, he can see the ghosts that walk around us, who are largely unseen by most of us, except the pyschically sensitive.

The main protagonist, Jeremiah Hunt, was once a Harvard classics professor. He was charged with taking care of his daughter, but gets so wrapped up in his research and work on his computer that he fails to realize the passing hours since he’s last seen and heard his daughter, Elizabeth. When he eventually realizes that he hasn’t heard a peep from her for awhile, he goes in search of her and doens’t find her anywhere. He notices an open window in her bedroom, and comes to the conclusion that his daughter must have been abducted. The cops, for a time, suspect that he was involved in whatever happened to Elizabeth, which just adds to the misery and hopelessness that Hunt experiences.

Though Jeremiah loses his normal vision, he gains the spiritual aid of an entity he calls “Whisper,” and another one called “Scream.” They enable Hunt to learn enough about who is behind certain murders that he has often assisted the police in solving homicide cases. Even with their help, Hunt has a hard time figuring out who, or what, is behind the brutal murder of Brenda Connolly. Hunt was brought into the case to provide as much information to the cops as he can, but the posed naked body of Brenda, hands wired and on her knees as if in prayer, is unsettling, to say the least. And what has tinged her skin green?

Hunt sees arcane symbols and words on the walls of the dead woman’s bedroom. He recognizes a pattern, and that Connolly’s murder is reminescent of others. With the help of a bartender who Hunt has recognized possesses pychic abilities, Hunt gets tantalizingly closer to discovering who the murderer is-and how it all ties in with his daughter’s disappearance. But, is at all designed just to lead Hunt into a deadly trap?

Eyes To See by Joseph Nassise is a spellbinding dark urban fantasy that will haunt your nightmares and memories for a long time after you finish reading it. If you love reading novels of outstanding paranormal fiction, than I highly recommend that you check out Eyes To See and see for yourselves what a great author Joseph Nassise is–get it today!

–Douglas R. Cobb–