Imagine that the powerful magician Prospero and his daughter Miranda, whom Shakespeare wrote about in his play The Tempest, were real, and still alive today, running a company called Prospero, Inc., dedicated to protecting the Earth from dangerous spirits. Miranda and her father are also aided by her eight younger step-brothers. That’s the premise for L. Jagi Lamplighter’s Urban Fantasy series, which began with her novel Prospero Lost and continues with Prospero In Hell. Miranda’s father has gone missing and is presumed to be in Hell. It’s up to her to reunite her brothers so they can join forces in combating the Three Shadowed Ones, and assorted monsters, demons, and minions of Hell.

L. Jagi Lamplighter is a remarkably gifted author, well-versed in world mythologies, religions, and folklore, and she fills the pages of her novels with memorable characters she gathers from these diverse sources. If she can be faulted for anything, it’s perhaps in this very diversity, which makes for a very large cast of characters that can be a bit difficult to keep track of at times.

Besides Miranda’s eight brothers, there is Mab, “an incarnated Aerie One” with “a New York accent,” who serves as Miranda’s servant and gumshoe, helping her solve various mysteries and questions that surround her family, its history, and her father’s disappearance. Also, Father Christmas, who was in the first book, is mentioned, and another of her servants, Caurus Skeiron Boreal, who is “Lord of the Northwest Winds.” Like Mab, Caurus is incarnated in a human body. There are lots of mythological beasts, too, like rocs, yetis, mermaids, and the flying horse Pegasus. Other beings you’ll read about in the novel include djins, elves, fairies, and Iblis al-Shaitan, the evil Flame-lord who comes close to killing Caurus and who burns up many of the priceless treasures and artifacts in Miranda’s crazy brother Mephisto’s, house.

Prospero In Hell is breath-taking in its scope, taking readers, like Dante’s Inferno has done since the 1300′s, into the depths of Hell. The Prospero family is extremely interesting to read about, each brother with very unique personalities and powers. The author jam-packs the novel with so many references to characters, creatures, monsters, gods, goddess, heroes, and demons it can be difficult to keep track of them all, but reading her novels is a richly rewarding experience.

The third novel in the series will be called Prospero Regained. Lamplighter refers to Milton’s Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained with the titles of the first and third novels, and references Dante’s Inferno and Virgil’s Aeneid in Prospero In Hell, among many other references. There’s action aplenty in the novel, also, right from the very first chapter, when birds of Ice and snow attack Miranda, Mab, and Mephisto as they ride over Canada on the back of Pegasus. This novel is one that people who like lots of action and adventure should enjoy immensely. If you’re a fan of Urban Fantasy, you’ll definitely find that Lamplighter’s latest novel is one helluva read.