I will note here from time to time certain authors whom I think are some of the most outstanding authors currently practicing their craft. Today, I wanted to say a few brief words about the incomparable L.Jagi Lamplighter-Wright, author of the Prospero’s Daughter trilogy, among other excellent novels. Her website can be found by clicking here. Her work is inspired by many and varied sources, from Dante’s Inferno to Milton’s Paradise Lost, to Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and the legends and myths of Ireland and other lands around the world. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the second and third books of her Prospero’s Daughter trilogy, Prospero In Hell and Prospero Regained, and I have found her through correspondence via email to be one of the kindest people you can ever meet, as well as being a superb author.
Her husband, John C. Wright, is also an extremely talented author, and I’ve had the pleasure to read/review his novel Orphans of Chaos,which was a Nebula Award Nominee for Best Novel. These are both authors I would highly recommend to anyone who loves the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres, and they’re both genuinely nice people, as well. I am honored to be thought of as one of their friends.